Featured Artist: Jessy Poole

Posted by: admin | April 27, 2015 | Featured Artist


Jessy Poole first learned of Grand River Giclee through our advertisement on artfairinsiders.com. She says, “After ordering prints from other companies to compare quality, I chose Grand River Giclee.  They had the best prices for the pigment based printing that I was searching for.”

Jessy turned to us to make several sets of her ABC bird series. It\’s always an honor to be a creative partner with another artist, but it was particularly rewarding to be involved in the production of an entire series. I was reminded of the John James Audubon’s seminal work “Birds of America.”

Unlike Audubon, Jessy Poole\’s examination of the natural world is portrayed in her paintings as a combination of abstraction and realism. Her paintings are layered, which allows her to achieve complex color schemes as well as include hidden imagery and texture. Her works are created using acrylic, watercolor, and alcohol based pigment.

You can connect with Jessy on Facebook and see more of her work on her website.\"C_jessypoole\"

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