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Our unstretched canvases are printed on PremierArt Museum Bright Satin Canvas. Each canvas is also coated with PremierArt Eco Print Shield, solvent-free varnish that provides physical and UV protection for your print. It is available in gloss and satin finishes.

If you plan to mount your canvas on a board or foam core, you may not want a margin.

If you plan to stretch your canvas, you’ll need to include sufficient margin to wrap the canvas around the stretcher bars. We recommend the following margins depending on the thickness of your stretcher bars:

  • ¾ inch thick stretcher bars: 2 inch margin
  • 1 ½ inch thick stretcher bars: 3 inch margin
  • 2 inch thick stretcher bars: 4 inch margin

You can specify how we print the border around your print. The most common choice is a mirrored edge. This provides a seamless transition from the face to the sides of your print. If you choose to have us print the edge with a custom RGB value, please include the specifications.

The following discounts will be applied when you add your purchase to your shopping cart. The discount will apply to the aggregate number of prints purchased, not just the number of prints for a particular image

2 or more prints: 5% off
5 or more prints: 10% off
10 or more prints: 15% off
25 or more prints: 20% off
50 or more prints: 25% off
100 or more prints: 30% off

Michigan residents will automatically be charged sales tax on orders, but you can indicate on the checkout page if the sale is tax exempt. Any purchase that is intended for resale is eligible for tax exempt status since tax only need be collected on the final sale. Purchases for personal use are taxable.

We ask that for your first tax exempt purchase you provide us a Michigan Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption (Form 3372). You can fax or email it to us. Once we receive this, we will mark your account as being eligible for tax exempt purchases.

Email: Fax: (616) 241-6080

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