Featured Artist: Brian O’Leary

Posted by: admin | March 5, 2020 | Featured Artist


Brian O’Leary produces beautifully dynamic street photography that reflects on the decay of architecture. Primarily photographing in Flint, Michigan, his urban landscapes include sharp focus, clarity from foreground to background, and a distinct interest in abandoned buildings, as well as industrial scenes.

Self-taught and born in Flint, his familiarity with the area works to his advantage. “In 2013 I picked up my first DSLR camera and began to train my eye and perfect my photographic skills.” Quick to hone in his skills, his personal style quickly became recognizable. East Village Magazine’s article about O’Leary discusses his style of “dynamic symmetry” which he strives to achieve in his work through patience and observation. Inspired by photographers Vivian Maier and Henri Carier-Bresson, he emulates their in-the-moment street photography and conscientious detail.

Working security at the Flint Institute of Arts, O’Leary has been able to study all the paintings for inspiration, and transfers this into his photography. Hoping to pursue more photography and film in the future, he has been featured in Buckham Gallery, with hopes to gain more recognition the more he produces art.

Brian O’Leary is featured on Fine Art AmericaFlickr, and can be found on Instagram.

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