Featured Artist: Carla Bank

Posted by: admin | February 24, 2020 | Featured Artist


Using bright, bold colors as vibrant as her personality, Carla Bank paints in a way that expresses pure joy. Born in Mexico City and raised in Cancun, she incorporates her Mexican identity into her work, as well as experiments with “geometric abstraction and a return to paintings that are highly detailed and recall a sense of place”. 

Carla has a background in Graphic Design, trained in Guadalajara, Mexico. Exhibiting nationwide, she shares her work with the masses, and finds happiness in meeting those who love her art. “I attribute my success to genuine passion and the tireless pursuit of excellence”. Traveling nationally to attend her art shows, Carla also travels internationally, allowing herself to “experience art from every continent,” constantly learning and growing from her experiences, and translating them into her art.

Carla can be found on FacebookInstagram, and through her website.

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