Featured Artist: Neela Ahmed

Posted by: admin | January 9, 2020 | Featured Artist


Neela Ahmed recently graduated from Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Texas. She graduated with a bachelor degree in communications as well as a degree in digital art. Neela used our fine art printing services as she was developing her BFA solo exhibition “Colored Landscapes.”

The inspiration behind the exhibition was the landscape of her home. Each illustration suggested a certain time of day, similar to Monet’s Rouen Cathedral series. Her intention was to present one continuous day exploring time of day through color. Neela was heavily influenced by Thomas Danthony, whose illustrations use color and shadows to suggest form. She was also influenced by WPA style posters.

Acording Neela, “My favorite part of my design process is scouting. I work from photographs, so going out hiking and exploring the outdoors is fun to get the perfect photo to use for my designs. I mainly work with Adobe Illustrator, but will use Adobe Photoshop on occasion. I use the photograph to create the lines and shapes in the program, and find that using exaggerated color makes for a more interesting composition.”

“Balanced Rock is an illustration that comes from a trip to Big Bend National Park I took in the summer of 2019. I’ve always loved hiking and great views, and when I hiked to this spot it was my first time visiting it. I was in awe at the beauty of nature’s formations.”

“Kokernot is a semi-pro baseball stadium in Alpine, Texas. It has been called the ”Yankee Stadium of Texas.” It hosts the Alpine Cowboys semi-pro team, as well as Sul Ross’ Lobo baseball team. The venue has a rich history, and has a special place in my heart as one of Alpine’s best views.”

You can find Neela Ahmed\’s artwork for sale here. And you can follow her instagram and facebook pages to keep updated on her work!

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