Featured Artist: Rachel Oakley

Posted by: admin | December 17, 2019 | Featured Artist


Rachel Oakley is an acrylic painter based in Michigan. Her work is bright and vivid, allowing colors and shapes to create motion and emotion. With duo bachelor’s degrees in Studio Art and Marketing from Oakland University, she is skilled in painting, photography, and journalism.  

Rachel paints with intention of “celebrating the color of existence.” She sees the world in a pixelated, technicolor way, due to the condition known as Visual Snow Syndrome. She uses this as a strength in the color application and pointillist techniques she employs in her paintings. She explores ways in which to see the world differently, yet also creates realistic renderings with conceptual backgrounds.  

Rachel’s vibrant personality and optimism toward life are reflected in her artwork. Her interest in math is noted when her paintings contain multiple lines and shapes that divide the realities featured in her imagery. Rachel is dedicated to creating visually stimulating paintings that “elicit joy and wonder in nature, geometry, and mathematics”.

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