Featured Artist: Kelli Bechtel

Posted by: admin | September 2, 2020 | Featured Artist


A Wildlife Artist, Kelli Bechtel creates realistic renderings of wild animals. She uses paint, graphite, watercolor and ink, but favors the intricate quality of colored pencil. She focuses on endangered species, to promote their conservation through art.

Kelli has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing from Kendall College of Art and Design. Passionate about animals from a young age, her academic career has always looked to representing them well through her artwork. She is skilled in \”bringing her artwork to life and making it jump off the page.\” She enjoys creating themes based on groups of animals, such as big cats. Kelli also likes to feature creatures that may not be popularly known. Educational and stunning, her art reflects on the importance of wildlife in our world.

Kelli Bechtel currently lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her colorful, detailed illustrations remind viewers of the beauty of wildlife. You can find her on facebookinstagram, and her website.

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