Featured Artist: Rob Penning

Posted by: admin | August 7, 2020 | Featured Artist


Rob Penning, an art educator of 33 years, creates surreal paintings and three-dimensional works that the mind of the viewer. He creates geometric worlds in his paintings that alter reality in a way that viewers immerse themselves into the canvas.

With a Undergrad and Masters Degree from Calvin College, Penning is the master of his medium. Featured in ArtPrize, the three-dimensional works he creates involve mixed media and influence of Pop Art and Metarealism. From the artist statement for The Odd Magic of Albert and Myna, the artwork “plays with the relationships between banality and truth”. Penning explores the human condition through his art. Topics include forgiveness, love, joy, loss, and time.

Rob’s paintings are of great magnitude, inviting the viewer to almost fall into them. The way he distorts perspective and uses bold colors to attract the eye create a world between reality and abstraction.

You can find Rob Penning’s work at Sleeping Bear Gallery, as well as numerous galleries across Michigan.

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