Featured Artist: Mary-Catheryn Baker

Posted by: admin | December 18, 2018 | Featured Artist


Mary-Catheryn is the founder of Copper Corners Art in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She creates her work with a focus on how art can influence a home. Coming from a background of artists in her family, she began painting with the intention to enhance her own home with artwork that she felt a connection to. Her paintings consist of bold brushstrokes and bright colors that evoke emotion or meaning to the viewer. One could say the positive energy of these paintings reflects her own personality! The subjects of her work are primarily animals, as she shares a strong connection to nature from her upbringing in South America. 

Here is what Mary-Catheryn says of her own work:

“I paint the cows that roamed our sidewalks, blocking our car in the garage and making me late to school. I paint the moody pigs that napped under our neighbor’s mango trees. I paint the chickens that slept at night, snuggled in the trees. Each painting that I create is vibrant, colorful, textured, and intricately layered. Countless hours are dedicated to crafting each piece of art. I strive to portray a balance of realism combined with loose abstraction, causing one to compliment the other. My goal is for people to feel a connection with my paintings in a meaningful and unique way.”

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