Featured Artist: Paul Collins

Posted by: Steven Huyser-Honig | April 30, 2024 | Featured Artist


Michigan native Paul Collins is renowned locally, nationally, and worldwide for his realistic portrayals of everyday life, his focus on people from a variety of cultures, and his showcasing of important and uplifting moments in history. From his roots in the Black community of West Michigan, he’s traveled around the world creating art, from Native American reservations to West Africa, Israel and Japan. 

Collins believes in embracing the things we have in common as human beings and that by creating and emphasizing positive imagery, we can grow and build a better world. His art is not just a representation but a conversation starter about broader societal issues, encouraging viewers to reflect on the possibilities for greater unity and goodness and act.

artistic style of paul collins

Collins’ style often focuses on the faces and daily activities of his subjects. His technique is meticulous, involving layers of paint that give depth and realism to his work. Collins’ use of color is deliberate and thoughtful, with a palette that enhances the emotional impact of each piece. His ability to capture expressions and moments with authenticity makes his artwork resonate with viewers, bridging gaps across cultural and social divides.

Very recently one of his paintings, The Prayer for Mother Earth was included in the gallery capsule that just landed on the moon, so his impact has expanded beyond our earthly home. 

A Prayer for Mother Earth by Paul Collins

We always look forward to Paul’s visits. He’s as kind and congenial a man as you could hope to meet, often has a good story to share, and brings us special projects like repairing a frame or stretching a large canvas.

You can find more information about Paul on his website and his Facebook page

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