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Making the Most of Your Investment in Giclée Prints

Artists offer giclée prints to their customers for a variety of reasons. Giclée prints can broaden artists’ market to customers who aren’t ready to purchase an original. They also allow artists to profit repeatedly over time—paying dividends on the creative work invested in originals. 

A recent review of our work from Lauchlan Davis sums up the possibilities:

The reproductions have become an awesome additional revenue source for my business, and your consistent quality allowed me to open up a formal “Print Shop” on my website. I truly appreciate the services that your team provides.

While giclée prints allow artists to offer a less expensive alternative to originals, they are the “gold standard” for fine art reproduction and as such are not inexpensive. So how can you make the most of your investment?

Educate your customers about Giclée Prints

While most artists have at least a passing knowledge of the unique qualities of giclée prints, many of their customers will not. So it is important to educate your customers on the premium value of the gicée prints you are offering. This can take the form of a sign in your booth, content on the packaging, or a description on your website. Here are the basics:

Giclée prints are the gold standard for fine art reproduction. They offer unsurpassed color fidelity and archival quality. They are printed with archival pigment-based inks on acid-free paper or canvas. With care, a giclée print will last for generations with no change in color or fading.

You can find much more information on the materials and methods we use on the FAQ page of our website.

Use Premium Packaging

A premium product deserves premium packaging. You’ll want to package your prints in a crystal clear bag and, for retail display, support it with a sheet of acid-free foam core. Consider adding a custom branded label on the front and informational labels on the back. 

Add an Artist’s Touch

Customers appreciate anything that adds the hand of the artist to a print. This could be as simple as hand writing the title and your signature on a margin of paper under your print. Many artists embellish their canvas prints with paint making their giclée prints genuinely unique pieces of art.

Consider Offering Limited Editions

Limited editions are another way to increase the perceived value of a print. While the ins and outs of limited editions is a topic that we’ll address fully in another post, we believe anything that communicates that your prints are “one of a kind” is worth embracing. Nothing says “unique” like a signed and numbered print.

If you would like to offer your customers a purchase option in addition to more expensive original work and profit from your creative work repeatedly over time, offering giclée prints is a wonderful way to meet both of these goals. Contact us at Grand River Giclée to get started! 

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